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Triple Goddess Podcast

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Three is a magic number!

In The White Goddess, Robert Graves proposes the existance of a Triple Goddess behind all Celtic mythology and religion derived from the ancient Greeks derived from the Sumarians. Wiccan and Pagan reconstructionists develop this idea along with her consort, The Horned God. Called the Maiden, Mother, Crone, she represents the changing woman's roles. Her symbol is the triple moon - waxing, waining and full tying the lunar months with the woman's cycles.

In this episode we explore ancient influences of the White Goddess. We look at Triple Goddesses such as Brigid, Hecate, the Fates and Allat. We dive into influences from ancient cultures in Crete and India, and her meaning in the modern day. Here on the Sacred Source Podcast.

Season 2 Episode 5. Music includes Tara Suite and Al Uzzah.

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