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Oudh Natural Incense Sticks

Oudh Natural Incense Sticks

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Oudh Natural Incense

The fragrance of Oudh has captivated generations of users across the world. We bring to you a combination of natural fragrances that accentuate the fragrance of Oudh.

Rich powerful sweet woody notes mingle with a balsamic bouquet. With complex mysterious earthy nuances, oudh is an incense of wonder and delight.

In Japan the price of Oudh (Agarwood) can reach higher than gold per ounce. In the Middle East as far back as the Arabian Nights, burning Oudh has been a sign of wealth. And in India, the very word for incense, AGARBATTI, means stick of Oudh. If you like Asli Bakhoor then try this wonderful fragrance today.

N. Ranga Rao & Sons (NRRS), manufacturer of Cycle and Flute brand incense, has been CERTIFIED CARBON NEUTRAL MANUFACTURER by UK-based The Carbon Neutral Company, the leading provider of carbon reduction solutions in the World. NRRS is the only company in India in the incense sticks industry to have received this distinction.Oudh Natural Incense 15 Sticks #IN273

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