Sacred Images for Spiritual Growth

Statues hand made in India by a village of traditional artisans we've supported for over 45 years, plus wands, incense, jewelry, books, tarot cards and more.


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Ancient Images Ancient Wisdom

Welcome to Sacred Source, a collection of museum reproductions and modern intrepretations of ancient goddesses.

  • Our Mission Statement:

    To nurture each individual's inner growth with the spiritual wisdom of ancient symbols and images.

  • Business Ethic:

    We strive to satisfy our customers' needs by offering a quality product at a fair price with superior service

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    Your Spiritual Statue's Story

    We develop the design for your devotional image to reflect the intentions of the artist, whether it was created 300,000 years ago or today. Our master artisans sculpt the image prototype, the mold small batches of statues by hand your statue is lovingly hand finished for lasting beauty,

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Multimedia collage

Wiccan Pagan & Goddess

Goddesses from the modern day or the return of ancient diety. 

  • Who We Are

    Sacred Source is a leading producer of ancient deity images in North America aspiring to bring affordable museum reproduction and folk-handcraft deity images back into Western culture. We offer online retail shopping and are also a wholesale distributor, Although we no longer print a paper catalog, we still welcome mail orders.

  • What We Do

    Through our artisan community and handcraft workshop in India, we produce over 350 separate statues in Ganges clay, polymer resin, gypsum, cold cast bronze, and pewter, as well as decorative jewelry of several kinds. Our sister company in Kolkata, JBL, supports a number of traditional artisan families

  • Where We Work

    The offices of Sacred Source, located near Charlottesville, Virginia, are comprised of a lovely sunroom office facing the Blue Ridge, containing customer service stations, a packer's work station, as well as inventory; and a detatched warehouse for inventory with a second packer's work station.

  • How We Do It

    We strive to give our artisans a year-round guarantee of creative work and income, a circumstance previously unimaginable in this notoriously impoverished part of the Third World. Child-labor, sweatshops & globalization have never been used by Sacred Source.