Thunder Gods Podcast

Thunder Gods Podcast

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The mighty Thunderers, often the kings of the Gods, the Sky Fathers, heroic protectors, law givers and Indo-European archetypes of the gods of thunder. Not always the smartest by usually the strongest and the bravest, they wield the mighty weapons of the hammer, axe, mace or club striking down giants, demons, titans and serpents with his thunderbolts. They bring us rain, storms and fertility of the earth and use symbols of bulls, oak trees and Eagles. So grab your thunder vest and let's dive in. 

Discuss gods Thor, Jupiter, Indra, Taranis, Shango, Perun, Marduk, Thunder Hag and Raijin. Music includes Raven Shaman and Perperuna Perperuna.

Season 2 Episode 2

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