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Agarwood Amber Essence resin

Agarwood Amber Essence resin

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Agarwood Amber Essence resin - 5 gram      

For those ready to take the next step to resin incense. Place 1/4 tsp on top of a burning charcoal briquete. All natural product with variations in color, size and packaging. Great for Altar use, cleansing, purification, security and creating your own blends.

Mood Enhancing Natural Perfume This wonderful Agarwood Amber Essence resin may used as a skin scent and also burnt on charcoal.

Amber resin is a solid crystalline fragrance made from a combination of many resinoids and oleoresins (plant secretions) such as myrrh, gum frankincense, gum styrax, benzoin, sal tree, labdanum and other aromatic compounds. These natural ingredients are sourced from the tropical sub-forests of India and Africa. They are crushed, mixed, carefully heated and cooled to form the crystalline amber.

Agarwood has been used as incense across the Middle East, Asia and India for millenia. Some rare types of Agarwood are literally worth their weight in gold.

Other names are Aloeswood, Eaglewood, Gharuwood, Oudh, Bakhoor, Agallocha, Kiara, Jinkoh, Chen Xiang, and Aquilaria.

Agarwood Amber Essence resin - 5 gram #IN158

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