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Apple Tree Fairy by Mickie Mueller

Apple Tree Fairy by Mickie Mueller

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Limited Edition Apple Tree Fairy -- Healing and Magic.

The Apple Tree Fairy peers out from the branches of the Mother Earth's sacred apple tree. At once with blossoms, fruit, and seeds, they offer the blessings of healing and magic.

The Apple Tree has long been the sacred symbol of the promise of the Goddess that her children may always avail themselves of her sustenance, both physical and spiritual. 

 [copyright Mickie Mueller.] 

9" x 11 1/2" resin plaque, handpainted.

About Limited Edition Handpainted Fairy Plaques:

We're thrilled to offer our customers the opportunity to grace their homes with the exquisite beauty of our new magical wall art plaques.

Each plaque is individually handpainted by master artists, recreating the originals designed by Mickie Mueller. Collect each delightful image. #ATF


Healing and Magic. Sacred magic blessing of healing and abundance. Handcrafted by traditional artisans in Calcutta, India.

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