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Arabian Oudh Incense Sticks

Arabian Oudh Incense Sticks

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Arabian Oudh Incense Sticks

Satya Nag Champa

10-12 Incense Sticks per pack (15 grams)
Burn time of approx. 45 minutes
Each stick is 20cm long
Hand rolled top quality incense, resins and plant material.

This woody, musky scent is said to improve mental clarity and open the upper chakras. Made from a sandalwood base with a variety of flower oils added to give each scent a unique fragrance that will fill your home and bring a greater feeling of peace and tranquillity. Satya incense is handmade by artisans in India using the highest quality ingredients. Each inner pack contains 10-12 vegan friendly incense sticks.

#IN313 15g box

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