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Atma Attar Oil - Enlightenment 6ml

Atma Attar Oil - Enlightenment 6ml

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Atma Attar Oil Perfume - Enlightenment

Woody, spicy Patchouli is gentled and softened by the addition of sweet, fresh violet and crisp, citrusy lime, creating a complex and compelling blend. Try it for an exotic sensual treat, fall in love with it for your everyday unique signature fragrance. 


Attar oils are the premium perfumes of the East. Super concentrated natural oils deliver a delightful aroma that lasts and lasts. The clever glass wand applicator allows you to choose a light hint of scent or apply more to surround yourself with a perfume of head-turning glamor. This tiny bottle can brighten your day for years and years.

Atma means both the individual Self and the one universal world Soul. The One becoming many, the Unity manifesting as diversity. 

The most common use for attar oil is as a perfume oil for the body but it can also be warmed in an oil diffuser to create a pleasant aroma. 

Featured Essential Oils: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Lime, Gurjum Balsam, Rosewood. 

6ml (1/5 oz) perfume oil with glass applicator wand. #IN154

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