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Bala Krishna - Saffron and Frankincense

Bala Krishna - Saffron and Frankincense

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Bala Krishna - Saffron and Frankincense

The combination of saffron flowers and frankincense resin in the Bala Krishna incense has a flowery, gentle, light and sensual perfume with a warm, earthy, woody base. Delicate, exotic, and complex.

Bala Krishna or ‘the child Krishna’ is one of the names for Lord Krishna during his early years. Sweet, clever and playful, Krishna ran barefoot on the sands of Gokula, as he played with his young friends, cows and calves, stole butter from his mother’s kitchen and captivated the hearts of all with his sweet smile. Bala Krishna is the appearance of the Divine as an object for motherly, affectionate love.

Bala Krishna - 10 Incense Sticks. #IN046

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