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Baphomet Plaque

Baphomet Plaque

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His name signifies "Wisdom, Divine Harmony."

It may be derived from the Arabic term "Abufihamat," which means "Father of Wisdom."

Brought to Europe by the 13th century Templars, the mysterious deity Baphomet represents fertility and regeneration. Hands in mudra point out the Gnostic oppositions of Light and Dark, Good and Evil. <BR><BR>This deity incorporates the breasts of a nurturing Mother, Hermes' caduceus of Divine Union, plus the star and torch of mystical illumination. <BR><BR>The Inquisition demonized this unique image of redemptive power to diminish its mystic influence. <BR><BR>[Manuscript of Eliaphas Levi, 1855]

6 1/2" x 4 1/2" Ganges clay plaque, handpainted. #BAP

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