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Basilica Blend Resin Incense

Basilica Blend Resin Incense

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Basilica Blend Resin Incense - 1/2 oz.

For those ready to take the next step to resin incense. Place 1/4 tsp on top of a burning charcoal briquette. 1/2 ounce bag. Great for Altar use, cleansing, purification, security.

Light Citrus Perfume Blend A very traditional resin blend based upon an ancient biblical recipe. Premium quality frankincense is blended with two other resins and fine aromatic oils to produce an outstanding orthodox incense with a distinctive citrus note. A fragrance that is deep, bright and filled with an aura that invokes profound contemplation and solemn moods of prayer and peace.

Very sweet citrus and florals, then long and heavy rich mixture of resin aromas. Includes Gum Dammar. A small grain quality incense with light citrus.

Basilica Blend Resin Incense - 1/2 oz. Basilica Blend Resin Incense. #IN109

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