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Black Madonna Le Puy

Black Madonna Le Puy

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Her mountain shrine was the origination point for the 12 century Crusades.

This image resembles an earlier one of Isis with Horus.

As Virgin and Mother, she incorporated two of the faces of the ancient triple goddess (Virgin, Matron, Crone) which were least threatening to the church, but her continuity with archaic virgin goddesses is indisputable. 

As a later identity of Isis with Horus, she shows how papal and kingly thrones all hark back to the lap of Isis upon which sits enthroned the child-god. Each gave birth to savior gods who would die and be reborn in annual cycles (a parallel to the Demeter/Kore myth), and our modern festivals of Christmas and Easter re-celebrate this primeval human rite. 

Depicted as black virgin, this Madonna incorporates aspects of Kali. Medieval cathedrals (called in France "notre dame" -- literally, "our lady") are venerations of the ancient Great Goddess's majesty.

[France, 4th cent.] 

9 1/4" gypsumstone statue, handpainted. #BML

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