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Black Madonna of Einsiedeln

Black Madonna of Einsiedeln

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Our Lady of the Dark Forest.

Famous Black Madonna of Hermits, she is the national shrine of Switzerland.

Monks sing "Salve Regina" every day in her honor. During her September 14th festivals she is dressed sumptuous robes and mantel. The chapel stands before a sacred dragon fountain from the Teutonic Pagan past and is a favored location for horse breeding. St. Meinrad's murderers were pointed out by two ravens (ascribed to the god Wotan) and his skull is kept in a golden casket beneath the Virgin's statue. The Swiss psychologist, C.G. Jung, has equated this Black Madonna with Isis in his writings.

The Madonna and child have been revered since the earliest times. Isis and Her son Horus, Mary and Her son Jesus, Demeter and Her daughter Kore, all have attracted a devout following. Long before Isis, and long before Mary or Demeter, the human psyche fashioned Madonna and child icons and placed them in sacred shrines.

There is a reproduction of this statue at St. Meinrad's Monastery in Indiana.

8 1/2" resin statue, handpainted. #BMS

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