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Brigid with Column

Brigid with Column

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Celtic Triple Goddess.

Healer. Alchemist. Queen.

Brigid says, "All good things come in three." The poppy-flower crowns of these three regally-detailed sisters imbue them with magical power. Center column is for offering dish or candle. Goddess of Healing, Smithcraft and Queenship. She is patroness of the Celtic spring festival of Imbolc, and was served by a female priesthood at Kildare. Her name derives from her worship by the pre-Christian Brigantes, who honored her as identical with Juno, Queen of Heaven.

Brigit also shares attributes with the ancient Greek triple goddess named Hecate. She is Ruler, Bringer of Prosperity; her two sisters display the alchemical sword and tongs of blacksmithing and the twin serpents connoting medical skill. Her Irish consort was the Dagda.

[British"Museum, c. 100-300 CE]

9 3/4" gypsumstone statue, green verdigris color finish. #BRI

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