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Freya Plaque

Freya Plaque

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Powerful. Wise. Beautiful.

Goddess of love, yes, but also so much more. No demure and bashful Aphrodite rising from the foam, Freya is power and mystery in Goddess form. In every aspect of life or death Freya is there.

Freya is the sister of Freyr, daughter of sea god Njord. In her sacred sex goddess role she was closely involved in love, courtship and marriage rituals, while the procession of her statue by wagon from place to place was credited with the gift of prophecy, sexual potency and easing childbirth. Her fertility aspect was emphasized by various legends of promiscuity in Icelandic Sagas.

A duty shared with Odin was sovereignty over death, with the fallen heroes being divided between them.

 6" x 6 1/2" resin plaque, red gray color finish. #FP
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