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Hermes Mercury

Hermes Mercury

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Messenger of the gods

Deity of good fortune, merchants, travelers, and communication. Son of Zeus and Maia, he is a guide, who leads souls on their journey to the underworld.

Borne aloft by the wind. To the Greeks, his name was Hermes. He was the swiftest of the Gods, the messenger of Zeus, a job he shared with Iris, Goddess of the Dawn. His parents were Zeus and Maia, Goddess of the Clouds.

Wearing his winged helmet bearing his caduceus, his golden winged sandals bore him "swiftly as a breath of air over land and sea". Known as a guide and giver of good, he was the God of traders, travel, and good fortune. 

12 3/4" resin statue, red bronze color finish. #MCY

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