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Kali Standing

Kali Standing

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The Fierce Mother.

When we have need of her, Kali descends as the powerful warrior goddess to slay the demons that threaten her devotees.

From the Mahanirvana Tantra:

"Just as all colors disappear in black, so all names and forms disappear in her".

Venerated since time immemorial on the banks of the Ganges and throughout India, Kali is the active patroness of the Sacred Source artisan community.

She is the Mother who purges us of fear, anger, jealousy and grief, then nurses us back to balance in the ultimate act of soul-healing. Beneath her frightening appearance lies the truth that life, though sometimes fraught with suffering, is rooted in joy. Invoke her and she will bless you with protection and healing.

Unlike much Western mythology, Hinduism at all times has recognized the feminine principle, most prominently in the form of consort to Shiva or Shiva-Shakti. The male power is inert without this energizing female energy, conceived of in its benign form as Parvati, and in its fierce or destructive form as Kali.

11" cold cast bronze statue. #BZ-KA 

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