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Labrys Goddess of Crete

Labrys Goddess of Crete

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Dictynna Dances into our Universe.

Dressed in nets, She is neither naked nor clad, and lines of force surround Her. Double axes, or labryses, exclaim her active Feminine Energy. Worshippers, in the original palace fresco, throw their arms up in amazement at her appearance.  

A crescent-bladed ax was a symbol of the female community of Lesbos who worshipped only the Goddess in nature and in each other.

The original "She who must be obeyed," Dictynna lived on top of Mount Dicta. Her powerful name lives on in our words "dictate" and "edict."

[From Knossos mural, 2000 BCE] 

8 1/4" resin statue, handpainted.  #LGC

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