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Madhurya Rasa - Khus and Almond

Madhurya Rasa - Khus and Almond

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Madhurya Rasa Khus and Almond

This exotic stick incense is a complex combination of khus grass oil and almond oil, creating a festive and rich scent. Its sweet and sensual fragrance captivates and elevates the mind and the soul. Burning this natural fragrance creates a spiritual atmosphere. Khus is an Indian type of Vetiver commonly woven into window shades to bring a scented breeze into the room.

Madhurya Rasa means "the sweet taste" of the most intimate feelings towards the Divine. Those souls who experience Madhurya Rasa experience the sweet feelings of union in conjugal love alternating with the pain of separation. Madhur is Sanskrit for Honey.

Madhurya Rasa Incense 10 sticks. #IN131 

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