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Mary Magdalene Lombard

Mary Magdalene Lombard

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She of the Temple Watch Tower.

The Bible says Jesus loved Mary Magdalene more than all other apostles, called her the Woman Who Knew the All, and often kissed her on the mouth. The Gnostic Gospel, Pistis Sophia teaches the wisdom of Jesus through a Tantric dialogue with her. Magdalene means she of the temple-tower - a watchtower among her flock.

Her symbol in art is often the alabaster jar of precious ointment with which she Christened Jesus and went to his tomb to anoint him. Since the Inquisition, the Church has dictated that she be portrayed cloaked in scarlet to indicate scorn for her alleged wantonness. Here, she is in blue to represent peace and holiness. This image is taken from an altar piece from the Lombard region of northern Italy - near to Da Vinci's Last Supper painting and the coronation site of both Napoleon and Charlemagne.

[From an altar piece, Lombard, Italy.]

8" resin statue, blue wash color finish. #MGD

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