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Nirvana Masala Incense Sticks

Nirvana Masala Incense Sticks

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Nirvana Masala Incense 20 stick hex pack.

Nirvana" is a Kamini Incense from their highest, premium quality Masala range. A transcendant, clearing fragrance to aid you in contemplace, meditation and peace. This 20 gram hexagonal package contains approximately 20 sticks of incense and is beautifully designed to reflect the nature of its wonderful fragrance. "Masala" is an Indian word denoting a blend of spices and herbs such as those used in preparing curries and other delicacies. The preparation of a masala incense stick begins in a similar by grinding together various natural aromatic substances (flowers, roots, resins, herbs and spices) into a paste. The paste (known as a "dhoop") is then rolled onto a bamboo stick. Masalas usually do not contain liquid prefumes and thus the fragrance is more natural and last much longer.

Nirvana, Masala, Incense, 20 stick hex pack #IN075

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