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Oak Tree Fairy Plaque by Mickie Mueller

Oak Tree Fairy Plaque by Mickie Mueller

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Limited Edition Oak Tree Fairy -- Blessings of Prosperity and Growth

Mickie Mueller's lovely, graceful Oak Tree Fairy rests sheltered in the arms of the mighty oak, cradling the acorn of new life, her wings dappled with sunlight. She offers the ever-present magic of solid strength, dependable century-long growth, and the promise of new opportunity ready to burst into life.

[copyright Mickie Mueller]

 9" x 12" resin plaque, handpainted. #OTF

 About Limited Edition Handpainted Fairy Plaques: We're thrilled to offer our customers the opportunity to grace their homes with the exquisite beauty of our new magical wall art plaques. Each plaque is individually handpainted by master artists, recreating the originals designed by Mickie Mueller. Collect each delightful image.

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