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Oudh Nagchampa

Oudh Nagchampa

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Oudh Nagchampa 12 Stick 10" Packet

This is the BEST FINEST NAGCHAMPA available! The Mother’s Fragrances NagChampa Incenses are made with a wide range of aromatic gums, resins, wood powders, essential oils, and perfumes. However the key ingredient is a native India resin called Halmaddi, a soft gum-like resin. These ingredients are all of the PUREST nature, as the base ingredients for these wonderful fragrances. No substitutes or by products, just the real thing.

Oudh is also known as Aloeswood or Agarwood and is the original stick incense or Agarbatti. Some rich forms of Oudh are literally worth their weight in gold.

Oudh Nagchampa 12 Pack of 10 inch incense sticks. #IN200

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