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Persephone Hades Plaque

Persephone Hades Plaque

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Queen and King of the Underworld.

The rulers of the dead, enthroned, with grain, parsley, a rooster, and a bowl; symbols of life and rebirth.

In the classic Eleusinian myth, she rises from the earth each spring to join her mother

Demeter, the grain goddess, and bring fertility back to the earth. After her abduction by Hades into the underworld, she was tricked into eating a pomegranate seed which made her spend half of each year below ground.

An older myth portrayed her as Queen of the Dead who fed pomegranate (a sign of fertility) to souls about to be reborn. Persephone means either "Dazzling Brilliance" or "Destroyer of Light." Her other Greek name Kore means simply "girl" or "the Maiden." The Romans called her Proserpine.

Hades means "the Unseen." His Roman name Pluto means "the Rich" a reference to the plentiful mineral resources beneath the ground and fertility of the Earth. Pluto is worshiped as the god of wealth, since the wealth of the earth comes from what lies below. Cerberus is his famous 3 headed watchdog .

[Greek Marble relief, 480 B.C.E.]

7 ¾" x 6 1/4" resin plaque, pewter color finish. #PHP
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