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Pontifical Blend Resin Incense

Pontifical Blend Resin Incense

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Pontifical Blend Resin 1/2 oz   

For those ready to take the next step to resin incense. Place 1/4 tsp on top of a burning charcoal briquette. 1/2 ounce bag like thumbnail photo.

An ancient blend altar incense that will take you to a European Cathedral. A traditional and familiar aroma that many folks grew up with. Uses high quality black frankincense as specified in many churches. Full of Gravitas and Ritual.

Small grain size with good medium scent. Made by Three Kings brand, it is sweet and bright with a complex huskiness. This is a high quality blend made from frankincense, styrax and other herbs, resins and oils.

Pontifical Blend Resin 1/2 oz,#IN093

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