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Ragini Gaudmalhar - Jasmine, Pandanus and Camphor

Ragini Gaudmalhar - Jasmine, Pandanus and Camphor

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Ragini Gaudmalhar - Jasmine, Pandanus, and Camphor - Inspiration

Envelope yourself in the masterfully blended fragrance of jasmine, the tropical pandanus tree, and camphor. Following the romantic mood of the Vedic music this fragrance was named after, this scent has a conversational and even playful air about it. A ragini is a female raga, an ancient melodic form of Indian classical music played in a certain scale of notes with its own melodic form and associated mood. The ragini is always played or sung after its raga, or husband, with its composition reflecting the tantric elements of the male and female energies. Together the static and dynamic energies create mood-evoking music.

This scent features Jasmine, Pandanus, and Camphor.

Ragini Gaudmalhar is a vibrant melody performed at midnight after the long-awaited Indian monsoon has arrived and filled the air with romance. Herbs, flowers and resins are blended together with pure oils and pure sandalwood, combined in accordance with ancient traditional wisdom and hand rolled onto a thin bamboo stick.

,Ragini Gaudmalhar 10 Incense Sticks #IN304

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