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Ragini Gujari - Jasmine and Vanilla

Ragini Gujari - Jasmine and Vanilla

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Ragini Gujari  Jasmine and Vanilla - Intimacy

Burn this hand-rolled incense and enjoy the floral notes of jasmine as they gently mingle with the undertone of vanilla and naturally sweet powders. It is best appreciated in the second quarter of the day from 9 am to noon, though the fragrance is thoroughly enjoyed at any hour. A ragini is a female raga, an ancient melodic form of Indian classical music played in a certain scale of notes with its own melodic form and associated mood. The raga-ragini combination evolved from the spiritual practice of Tantra around the 14th century. Together the static and dynamic energies create mood-evoking music. Let the distinct atmosphere of this daylight ragini fill your space, touch your spirit and inspire your mind.

This exotic stick incense is hand-rolled by artisans in India’s cottage industry and blended in accordance to ancient wisdom, designed to take your to heart to the Malava Kingdom of ancient India that is mentioned in the great Hindu epic the “Mahabharata.” This epic teaches great truths about the essence of existence.

Ragini Gujari is the dynamic and musical counterpart of Raga Malava.

Ragini Gujari Incense 10 Sticks #IN136

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