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Ragini Madhumadhavi - Tulasi, Sandalwood and Citronella

Ragini Madhumadhavi - Tulasi, Sandalwood and Citronella

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Ragini Madhumadhavi - Tulasi, Sandalwood and Citronella 

Fill your space with the woody scents of the sacred Tulasi and Sandalwood, the alluring aroma of henna, a hint of citrus with citronella, and an undertone of camphor. The raga-ragini combination evolved from the spiritual practice of Tantra around the 14th century. Together the static and dynamic energies create mood-evoking music. Let the distinct atmosphere of this anticipatory and evocative ragini fill your space, touch your spirit and inspire your mind.

This scent features Tulasi, Sandalwood, and Citronella</P>This stick incense is named after a ragini, which is a female raga, an ancient melodic form of Indian classical music played in a certain scale of notes with its own melodic form and associated mood. Ragini Madhuvandhavi is the wife of Raga Megha, who carries the power to evoke the much-needed monsoon in India with clouds, thunder, lightning and rain.

Herbs, flowers and resins are blended together with pure oils and pure sandalwood, combined in accordance with ancient traditional wisdom and hand rolled onto a thin bamboo stick.

Ragini Madhumadhavi Tulasi, Sandalwood and Citronella 10 Incense Sticks #IN305

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