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Ragini Todi - Tropical Fruit Jasmine and Sandalwood

Ragini Todi - Tropical Fruit Jasmine and Sandalwood

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Ragini Todi - Tropical Fruit Jasmine and Sandalwood - Euphoria

This perfect blend takes you to the forest grove where highlighted notes of khus grass, musk and dashangam bring a calm and soothing feeling. The fragrance and mood of this alluring incense is ideally enjoyed in the second quarter of the day between 9 am and noon, though it will carry its unique vibrations into your space at any time of the day. A ragini is a female raga, an ancient melodic form of Indian classical music played in a certain scale of notes with its own melodic form and associated mood. Let the distinct atmosphere of this melancholy ragini fill your space, touch your spirit and inspire your mind. The raga-ragini combination evolved from the spiritual practice of Tantra around the 14th century. Together the static and dynamic energies create mood-evoking music.

A note of musk is highlighted by the floral notes of jasmine and the alluring aroma of the classic oriental woody scent of sandalwood, filling your space with the irresistible mood of passion and longing.

Ragini Todi is the name of an ancient melody personified by a beautiful young woman who is passionately in love but separated from her lover. Wandering through the forest, melancholy and unhappy in love, and renounced to the world, she charms the hearts of deer and antelope while playing her vina, a Vedic stringed instrument.

Ragini Todi Incense 10 Sticks #IN134

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