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Rasa Lila - Agar (Aloewood)

Rasa Lila - Agar (Aloewood)

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Rasa Lila - Agar (Aloewood)

The complex and pleasing fragrance of natural agarwood makes this magical and powerful incense an experience of completeness. It envelops you and takes you completely into it. When this fragrance enters your heart everything is softening, opening, and natural trust in existence is born. Rasa Lila is the dance of ecstatic love.

The beautiful gopies of Vrindavana love Krishna more than anything else in the world. At night, when they hear from far away the sounds of his flute, they leave their comfortable homes and run to the forest to dance with their beloved one. This dance signifies the joyous union of the soul with the Divine.

Rasa Lila Agar Incense 10 Sticks. #IN033 

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