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Sacred Source

Sacred Source Book by Freeman Allan

Sacred Source Book by Freeman Allan

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Sacred Source: One Man's Journey of Reunion with the Divine Feminine
a book by Freeman Allan!

Read the epic ife story of the founder of Sacred Source!
Richard "Freeman" Allan, JBL/Sacred Source founder, has written an energetic, inspirational multicultural adventure story. Freeman's highly personal memoir celebrates the reader's and his own inner and outward life journeys.

Boyhood as son of an Iwo Jima hero, challenges presented by Vietnam, feminism and the civil rights awakenings, unique initiations, primitive trekking on foot and by canoe, dangers in far places, spiritual epiphanies and mentoring by more than a dozen Great Souls are among the elements of this compelling narrative. 

An ancient Mazatecan shaman, a breatharian who has not eaten in sixty-one years, an illiterate sharecropper who transmits Green Man wisdom, gurus both authentic and fallen, the Kommandant of Dachau and other warriors, a stigmatic who bears the wounds of Christ, primitive Incan fishermen, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, these are among the Guides who shaped the author's life, and led him to the Goddess Kali.

Spiritual, sexual, family, racial, economic and environmental themes propel the reader toward Balance and Partnership with the feminine force half-forgotten by our modern world. In the face of climate collapse in the next generation, we are led to decisions for change that can heal the Earth and all her threatened species . . . including our own.

A cataclysmic hitchhike from the Fifties up to today, this dynamic "how to" voyage tunes to the message of the Great Mother Goddess, inviting each reader into her/his own unique dance of growth and transformation! 

#BK-JBL Sacred Source: One Man's Journey of Reunion with the Divine Feminine, by Freeman Allan.

473 pages, 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" trade paperback book illustrated with black and white photographs. 

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Excerpt from the book:
"I sought to uncover those key events in my life, the ones that seemed to have moved me, methodically, into Calcutta's gravity field of sacred icons. I realized the statues were distinctly shaped containers for something words could not say, yet something we in the West needed to have back, to be able to hold in our hands. These beautiful figurines, the objects that Hinduism calls murthis, are images of god, yet shaped by human hands, which had originated during the depths of pre-history."

Reader Reviews:

Engrossing, exciting, well-crafted detail keeps the reader engaged. An important message about the need for the sacred feminine in our western culture. But what got to me was something powerful on a subconscious, right-brain level. (The author's) struggles with early loss and grief, bottled up rage, fear…, his fight with the Patriarchy in all its various forms resonated deeply. It caused me to revisit … my own spiritual journey and how it entwined with my psychological journey, making me remember the times I had lost my way because I did not know how to be honest with myself. I am honored that the author trusted me with his naked self. Would that I could be half as honest. His courage in telling this story gives me something better than a "message." It's an experience of going deeper and more faithfully into my own life.

---- Licensed Clinical Social Worker

A memoir of one man's idiosyncratic, continent-hopping journey in search of spiritual truth, … takes readers on a lyrical ride across South and Central America as well as Europe, the U.S. and India. An intelligence officer turned journalist, Allan is a New Age swashbuckler seeking ancient Feminine wisdom and determined to end the stranglehold that patriarchy holds on him and so much of the Western world…; the exhilarating tale of an adventurer with one foot on the ground, another in the clouds, one thumb out, as he embarks on the next transformational ride.
 - - English professor/poet

An autobiographical framework (sharing) the conviction that a paradigm shift is underway in religion. Allan's vagabond careers and (studies) lead him to the conclusion that his own fulfillment as well as the progress of the human race depends upon an understanding of the divine that includes feminine attributes to balance a view of the world tilted dangerously in favor of the masculine. In this view war, violence, ecological disasters and a lack of respect for women all receive energy from male-dominated religion. His work as a journalist enables him to tell colorful stories in the first person…. (and) he draws on a wide range of recent historical and anthropological research into the artifacts of ancient civilizations. Overflowing with personal narratives in an adventurous life. 
- - Presbyterian pastor 

The author embarked on unusual missions across the width and breadth of the globe. His dedication seeking help and insight aroused and informed my curiosity. He had the guts to be revealing about his sexuality, and his persistent search for "the Answer" made me feel joyous As the reader skims across amazing adventures she witnesses the excruciating process of reassembling a divided body and self. Assisted by Mother Teresa and many others, Freeman Allan's invitation to change how we look at the human experience is mind-boggling. A fine command of dialog, an incredible journey, this is an astounding, beautiful book about the fullness of life and about never giving up. Large type makes reading easy!

- - - a social activist

Just having finished, I already miss this book! Piercing insight. Thoughtful, honest, revealing, intelligent. Lots of literary inclusions. History! Geography! Wonderful profiles of people, real live people. Scary things. Raw descriptions of work in different parts of the world... and Adventure! Adventure! Adventure! Plus so much good stuff about men and women in relationship. The mixing of Christianity, other religions and "paganism" to form a really sacred conclusion was very convincing. I turned each page with eager anticipation. 
 - - New Orleans artist 

Such an achievement, …this series of spirited treks across the world. Most important is the distillation of many dynamic experiences into a coherent spiritual message and convincing goal - reunion with the Divine Feminine. Interpretations of spirituality and divinity are varied indeed, depending on a culture's overall needs. There is so much going on in this book that I couldn't trot through it casually, but needed to digest each chapter. It's good to see a man and woman being open, discussing their travails, persisting in relationship goals. Never easy, such communication takes real effort. Kudos to this amazing autobiography.
- - novelist, Massachusetts 

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