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Sacred Source

Sacred Source Light and Shadow CD

Sacred Source Light and Shadow CD

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Light and Shadow CD by Sacred Source

 Less ambient and more synthesizer and electronic based than our last offering, Light and Shadow is our virtual pagan festival. Since the global pandemic has shut down most gatherings this year, we were missing seeing our friends and customers, dancing and drumming by the bon fire, mead making contests, rituals, workshops, live music, bragging, storytelling. So we created our own in sound so others could enjoy too. We hope you enjoy our offering and find some comfort among the Witches, Pagans and Heathens your imagination brings forth.

Sacred Source Light and Shadow 
NightFall - Traveling and anticipating opening ritual, donning gear and garb. A journey of wonder and expectation. All synthesizer.

Higurashi - Japanese for Cicada, this is the 17th year of the cycle and the time of return. In Japan, summer is a spooky time similar to our end of October, but instead of black cats and skeletons, the loud Higurashi are a constant reminder. Also the number four in Japanese is similar to the word for death so the counting off is a little in your face momento mori. Synthesizer, techno drums, and live recordings of cicadas (who have a great sense of rhythm).

Inner Sanctum - Named after the adult only part of our local Beltane festival, this is a sex and body positive place run by amazing people. Based on the style of music they often play there around the stroke of midnight. Electronic drums, synthesizers and a ring modulator impersonating a large bell.

Trance Phatty Acid - Just for fun, can we fit Trance, House and Techno in the same song? Yes we can. Nobody raves like Pagans. Synthesizer, drums and vocals (with lots of delay). 303s, 808s and 909s, Baby!

Scrying Well - Feel like the Norns wove your life in repeating patterns? How about the same four notes repeating in all registers. All synthesizer.

Wiccan Rede - Mind the Wiccan Law we must in perfect love and perfect trust… Industrial drums, heavy guitars and vocals. Chant along with us. 

Numbers Station - Not every message is explicitly spelled out. Some come in emblems or symbols and others in secret code. What's our shortwave message to Agents of the Goddess in the field? You'll have to decode that for yourselves. Synthesizer, electronic drums, vocals. 

Minor Arcana - It's a constant journey and a montage of images - wands, cups, coins and swords. The melody is always moving forward. Synthesizer and electronic drums. 

HexenNacht - When not "shaking their bacon" in Germany on the night before Beltane or Hexennacht, some witches prefer nightclubs with psychedelic-trance. Synthesizer, electronic drums, guitar.

1-2-3-Fear - OK it's a bad pun in German. More dark Euro Techno. Spooky Samhain dance music for a raving Witch's Ball Synthesizer, electronic drums, guitar.

Fading Embers - After the bonfire and the rave comes the chill. Slowing down the tempo letting the heartbeat settle. Watching the fire burn down. Textures of synthesizer.
Darkness - The cool breeze, pulling your cloak tighter, completing your vision quest. What do you see in the dark? Synthesizer and drums.

Total time 54 minutes Copyright 2020 Ancient Images, LLC All rights Reserved Ancient Images Music AI1003

Sacred Source Light and Shadow CD #ST-LAS

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