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Large Spiral Goddess

Large Spiral Goddess

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Spiral Goddess

A large rendition of this incredible archetype from Abby Willowroot suitable for outdoor use. The Goddess symbolism never stops wherever you look. One interpretation of the spiral is it represents the power of the womb; the tree of life represents the placenta; the moon represents the cycles of a woman. Her arms are drawing down the moon's powerful energy. Place her in your garden as a reminder of why we should revere the divine feminine principle.

[copyright Abby Willowroot, 1999 CE] 

25 3/4" ResinPlus statue, antique stone color finish. #LASG

Suitable for outdoor use. Finish will weather over time. To preserve original finish, keep indoors. To prevent risk of ice damage, bring indoors during winter. Lift carefully and set down gently. This statue is heavy.


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