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Thor Plaque

Thor Plaque

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The Adventurer.

Handsome Norse Thor is a great adventurer, often skirmishing with giants. His weapon and emblem is his hammer, Mjolnir, and he possesses a belt that doubles his strength.

On his travels, he is sometimes hoodwinked into performing astonishing feats; such as drinking the ocean dry, wrestling with old age or lifting the foundations of the world, only to discover the true identity of his adversary.

In one myth, giants stole Thor's hammer and he had to resort to Loki's trick of dressing as Freya and a bride for the giant king to be able to get close enough to retrieve Mjolnir.

During the twilight of the gods, it is said Thor and the World Serpent perish together in the battle at the end of the world.

6 3/4 1/4" resin plaque, dark sand color finish. #TP

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