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Sacred Source

Veiled in Brilliance CD by Sacred Source

Veiled in Brilliance CD by Sacred Source

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Veiled in Brilliance CD by Sacred Source

 After 16 years, Sacred Source has gone back in the recording studio and produced a second sonic offering. Ranging from traditional to psychedelic and tender ambient soundscapes to driven tonal explorations, We have put together a soundtrack to accompany a spiritual journey of introspection and growth. Inspired by the ancient Hindu text, Glory of the Goddess or Devimahatmya, these songs tell the story of how one can realize that the Infinite is everywhere and influences everyone but Her own brilliance conceals Her from everyday sight.

Ambient Guitar, Instrumental Soundscapes and Tonal Explorations ranging from traditional to Psychedelic.

Veiled in Brilliance

1. Approach of Splendor .Even though children reported seeing the Virgin Mary floating down towards them, the adults could only see a luminous cloud. The Goddess is veiled in her own brilliance and often can't be seen even when Her full splendor is approaching. The music is a floating ambient soundscape.

2. Darkened Introspection. Recollection of regrets and misfortunes are represented by the stabbing leads and minor chords of this evolving piece.

3. Impermanence. The lesson of impermanence - good things fade away or don't come fast enough. But bad things shall pass away as well. A delayed lingering soundscape.

4. Discovering Grace. Sensing that something more lies out there beyond the dark clay we inhabit that influences our lives. The music is a tonal exploration of that sensation with lots of chordal swelling and fading away.

5. Dawning awareness. We begin to see the light of a spiritual existence. The music describes a building progression rising to a new level.

6. Sacred Space. The wonderful feeling from cleaning and blessing or happening upon a sacred space. The music is forward moving and full of positive energy.

7. Compassionate Heart. Developing love for your fellow beings and their suffering. The music is tender and moving. 

8.Omnipresent Divine. At one point in the Devimahatmya story, the much mistreated protagonist prays to the Goddess saying, "I'm sorry I turned my face from you." She replies saying, "Don't be silly. Where could you turn your face that you could not see me?" The Divine is everywhere and in all things. The music expresses wonder at this discovery and chagrin at not seeing it sooner. 

9. Crossing the Void. A psychedelic piece played with a self-built fuzz pedal, this song is about the abyss, the dark night of the soul, the ultimate bad trip where life kicks your butt. Sometimes the only way to make it across is to embrace the pain and realize what is coming at you is really coming from you. 

10. Raven Shaman. Inspired by Kali's shape shifting priests, This music is marked by the drum and rattle calling you back from your dark voyage.

11. Spiral of Rebirth. Dedicated to a friend who chose to leave this life and explore the undiscovered country. The music is a chord cycle that rotates endlessly until finally resolving itself. The unplanned leads poured emotion into this piece.

Total Time 64 minutes UPC 888295908641 ,CD, Music, Ambient Guitar, Veiled in Brilliance CD by Sacred Source #ST-VIB

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