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Vishnu Statue

Vishnu Statue

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The Preserver. He keeps the moral and natural orders intact and in balance.

Blue-skinned Vishnu and Rama are Earth-preserving deities, whose role is to keep the moral and natural orders intact and in balance. Rama works to defeat base human emotions such as greed, anger and fear, while Vishnu and his Earth-regenerating serpent Ananta protect the planet itself. 

Vishnu and Ananta symbolize right livelihood, the husbanding of resources, and masculine nurturance. The Husbandman, the All-Pervasive Sustainer Depicted as a Mighty King, Vishnu is a kind and adaptable god who works continuously for the world's welfare. 

Traditionally associated with the sun, he always descends to earth in avatar (bodily) form when the danger of total destruction is imminent. The three best-known of Vishnu's 10 avatars are Rama, Krishna, and Buddha. Others include Narasinha the lion avatar, and Kalki the horseman avatar.

7" Ganges Clay statue, handpainted. #V 

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