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Zeus Jupiter Statue

Zeus Jupiter Statue

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Ruler of Lightning, Gods, and Men. All Powerful.

One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was his 40 foot tall colossus which presided over the Olympic Games.

The Roman Jupiter is the Latin variant of this Aryan Sky Deity. From Numinous agricultural weather god beginnings he developed in conjunction with the city-state to become the paramount national god of Rome. Initially taking control of the sky and earth's surface, he grew to become the all powerful arbiter and judge, intervening in all aspects of human and divine life.
The Olympic plain near Mt. Olympus was once the site of a magnificent temple dedicated in 460 BC to Zeus, father of the gods. Here he presided over his sacred Olympic Games.
The colossus made from ivory and gold was sculpted by Phidias, the greatest of Greek artists who also decorated the Parthenon.

The 40 foot tall statue was later moved to Constantinople in the fourth century AD where authors of antiquity ranked it as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was later destroyed by fire in 462 AD.

Jupiter fathered many other gods and semi-divine heroes. The friction this caused between him and his wife Juno (Hera) can be seen as the interplay of friction between the older chthonic mother-goddess and newer Indo-European sky god.

[Olympus, Greece, 460 BCE.] 
8 1/4" resin statue antique, stone color finish. #JUP

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